C# Corner Mumbai Group Chapter Meet Recap

What happened on the Sunday c# corner Mumbai group chapter?It was raining heavily so we were not expecting too many turn arounds. But still we had a decent turnaround of 20 members. Good part was that majority where seniors.


So here is a quick update on what happened on the Sunday C# Corner Mumbai group chapter (http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/shivprasadk/mumbai-C-Sharp-corner-meet-26th-august-2012-windows-phone-prog/) . It was raining heavily so we were not expecting too many turn arounds. But still we had a decent turnaround of 20 members. Good part was that majority where seniors.


Before I start talking about the event let’s thank our sponsors. Any user group cannot run without money. Below is the list of the same.

First a huge thanks to Spanlabs to allow this session in their premises at an absolute decent cost. If you are ever thinking about training on technologies, bet they are the best (http://www.spanlabs.in/)


Second huge thanks to Mr. Prabhjot Singh Bakshi. He sponsored us food and the lab. Guys help him achieve his target of creating apps. Please email your app idea to prabhjot.bakshi@gmail.com . I am also already creating one.

Mr. Prabhjot Singh talking on I Unlock joy 2, register today for creating apps http://www.microsoft.com/india/developer/windowsphone/

Third thanks to Mr. Abhishek Kant for sponsoring T-Shirts and giving an awesome lecture on Kendo UI. Start using the power of HTML 5 + CSS 3 + Javascript - http://www.kendoui.com/


Mr. Abhishek Kant distributing the Kendo UI T-shirts

Final thanks to www.questpond.com for sponsoring training DVD, flowers, food, banner etc. You can start learning .NET and c# using their package from here


Mr. Shivprasad Koirala owner from online training http://www.questpond.com/

Mr. Kamal Rawat started the speech with introduction to www.c-sharpcorner.com and the motive and goal of C# Corner Mumbai group.


It was later followed by Mr. Pavan Paretaon developing WP application. You can get his slide and presentation from here (Link 1 and Link 2).


MrPavan speaking on developing WP application

Later Mr. Abhishek Kant talked about how Kendo UI exploits the combination of HTML 5, CSS and JavaScript to create apps with native like experience which can run on any mobile.

You can get his presentation from (Coming soon)


Mr. Abhishek Kant talking about Kendo UI.

Followed by a quick break for food at a nearby restaurant.


Lunch time, aww look at me in the white shirt , what a pose J

In the second half Mr. Prabhjot sir talked about tiles and importance of tiles in Window phone application building. Guys, this is the opportunity to get visibility in Microsoft create an app and publish it on http://www.microsoft.com/india/developer/windowsphone/. We hope someone from c# corner creates an app to rank in top 50.  Any help email prabhjot.bakshi@gmail.com , we recommend to take his advice before publishing the app so that you have greater chances of coming in top 50.

You can get the tiles presentation from ( Coming soon)


Mr Prabhjot giving a platform to shine in Microsoft, get your apps in top 50.

It was later followed by Mr. Shivprasad koirala and Mr. Sukesh Marla who talked about why MVP ( Model view presenter )  benefits of the same with code demonstration. You can read Mr. Sukesh’s article on MVP from http://www.c-sharpcorner.com/UploadFile/SukeshMarla/building-Asp-Net-applications-using-mvp-architectu-part-1/ .  Many people where asking for source code you can download the same from the above mentioned link.


Mr. Shivprasad Koirala, what is the need of  MVP ( Model view presenter) ?


Mr. Sukesh Marla code and demonstration of MVP

Finally, Mr. Akshay talked about Dependency injection with code demonstration. You can get his slide from ( Coming soon)


Mr. Akshay on Dependency injection.

Finally Mr. Kamal ended the event. We had one more topic MVC, but respecting the time frame we excluded the same. Feeling really sorry for Kamal as he had prepared a lot for the same. We promise next time his session will be first.


Closing notes by Mr. Kamal rawat.

We all departed with a promise to meet next time for one more exciting event.


Any issues, improvements please put down in the comments section below so that the next sessions can be made better.

Interested in C# Corner Mumbai group get registered by emailing at Kamalrawat86@gmail.com.

Alternatively you can also call www.questpond.com office phone 022-66752917.