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C# Corner MVP Summit 2013 Official Recap

C# Corner, an online social community of over 3+ million developers finally wrapped up its 4-day conference - the C# Corner MVP Summit 2013. This is a recap of the event.

NOIDA (India), C# Corner Summit. March 24, 2013 — C# Corner (, an online social community of over 3+ million developers today finally wrapped up its 4-day conference - the C# Corner MVP Summit 2013. This is a recap of the event. We’ve decided to split this coverage into 4 separate parts, each part giving brief highlights of each day.

Day 1: C# Corner Chapters and Moderators

The first day of the event was dedicated to C# Corner Chapters and Moderators only. The meeting started with the Core Group members followed by a dinner. The Moderators and Chapter Leads discussed and finalized the agenda for the event.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Chapter leaders, Editors, and Team members brainstorming

C# Corner Chapters are local user group meetings that happen in different cities. Currently, there are three active chapters in INDIA located in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Trivandrum. The first C# Corner chapter was started in Mumbai spearheaded by Shivprasad Koirala and currently led by Kamal Rawat with the help of team members Akshay Patel, Shivanand Arur, and Sukesh Marla.

The New Delhi chapter is led by Dhananjay Kumar and the Trivendarum Chapter is led by Destin Joy.

Outside of INDIA, the two active chapters are in Philadelphia (USA) and Istanbul (Turkey) led by Mahesh Chand and Ibrahim Ersoy, respectively.

Day 2: MVPs

Day 2 of the event was focused on MVPs where C# Corner MVPs, Editorial team members, Development team members and Founders reviewed last year’s highlights and achievements. The C# Corner development team showcased new features and modules that are ready for launch. The last discussion of the session was issues faced and corresponding resolutions.

MVP Summit 2013-2.jpg

Editors, Moderators and MVPs at Coffee

Day 3: Members Day

The third day of the event was opened to all C# Corner members at 8:30 AM. The conference hall was packed with over 250 attendees.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
C# Corner MVP Summit attendees

The event started with a video showcasing the history, highlights, and evolution of C# Corner since 1999 to 2013. The video also captured the past year’s summit photos and highlights.

Chander Dhall Microsoft MVP, INETA speaker and trainer and Ankur Malik, Project Manager at MCN Solutions jointly hosted the event.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013Chander Dhall hosted C# Corner MVP Summit 2013

The Keynote session was presented by C# Corner founder Mahesh Chand.

Chand opens with “C# Corner brings together tech influencers, community leaders and bloggers from all over the world and provides a stage to share their knowledge. The Summit is a way to appreciate and showcase their contributions.”

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Mahesh Chand - Founder C# Corner, 8-times Microsoft MVP, Author

Mahesh talked about a brief history of C# Corner and the vision behind it. Mahesh also demoed last year’s progress and the Chapter highlights. C# Corner online traffic has doubled since last year’s launch. He also talked about how C# Corner is promoting more offline community than online.

“In today’s online world, having offline connection with other members is very special. It is real. It is emotional,” Chand expresses.

International speaker Jason Beres, Senior VP, Infragistics, talked and demoed HTML 5 and JQuery.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Jason Beres - Senior VP, Infragistics, International Speaker, Microsoft MVP

Jason explained HTML5 – new HTML elements, CSS3 and JavaScript API followed by some amazing features of the jQuery library, jQuery widgets, data access & styling. He also demoed the HTML5 video player which seamlessly plays in the browser without having to worry about the plugins.

The most entertaining and exciting session was by Dhananjay Kumar (DJ) on Windows 8 App development. DJ started his session by engaging the audience with questions about DJ’s girlfriend who left him because DJ commented about her face needing CSS3. Later, the session involved his boss in an animated fashion and the audience could not stop laughing and clapping.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Dhananjay Kumar - Microsoft MVP, C# Corner MVP

The MVP Awards ceremony is the most vital part of this event. All C# Corner MVPs received the MVP Award kit from speakers and leaders.

 C# Corner MVP Summit 2013Praveen Kumar – Editorial Director, C# Corner, Microsoft MVP

The next session was by Vidya Vrat Agarwal, who is a well-known author and has published five (5) programming books with Apress. In his session, Vidya talked about one of the newest features of C# 5.0 language called Async Programming. Vidya started with fundamentals and demoed the real usage of Asynchronous programming and how to implement it in C#.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Vidya Vrat Agarwal - Senior Architect, Author

Chander Dhall, who was also the host of the event, was the next speaker and talked about Top 10 Things Developers Must Know combined with SOLID Principles by Sukesh Marla. He also demoed how to build a real-time chat application using Node.js.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Chander Dhall - Microsoft MVP, Software Architect, Trainer, INETA Speaker

SignalR is one of the newest technologies added by Microsoft to the Web programming. Shivanand Arur, the Mumbai Chapter Core Group member and MVP talked about SignalR and how to build real-world communication applications using SignalR.

Shivprasad Koirala, CEO of QuestPond, Author, Trainer and Microsoft MVP talked about Interview preparations and got a good interaction with students and programmers who were curious about how to prepare for job interviews.

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013
Shivprasad Koirala - CEO of QuestPond, Author, Trainer, Microsoft MVP

The day was ended with over 1 hour of Q&A with audience.

Day 4: An Emotional Good-Bye

The last day of the event was started with a morning breakfast followed by a thank you speech, photos and emotional good-byes. 

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013

About C# Corner MVP Summit

The C# Corner MVP Summit is an annual conference where C# Corner MVP’s gather for a 4-day event. This year, the summit will be held in Noida, INDIA (located near New Delhi) from March 21 – 24, 2013. 

MVPs are recognized as members who regularly make contributions to the community by submitting articles, blogs and resources and by helping others in the forums by solving their technical problems.

About C# Corner

C# Corner was founded in 1999 as an online platform for Developers and IT Professionals to share their knowledge and experiences.  Community members teach and learn from one another through various interactive online methods, such as white papers, source code samples, contributing articles, forum discussions, blog posts and videos.

Today, C# Corner ( has grown to become the premier destination for over 3+ million monthly Microsoft .NET developers and professionals. 

Courtesy photographs by Dhananjay Kumar and Nishanth Anil.