C# Corner - New Features Announced

We are pleased to announce some new features and some changes to already existing sections of C# Corner.

Some of the features added in this version of C# Corner are:

1. In Focus

Now view all the latest happenings like chapter meetings and new features in the header. You don't have to visit the homepage to view the latest news.


2. Editorial Feedback

A list of suggestions related to an article that only the author can see. The suggestions will be provided by an editor or admin of the site.


3. My Account 

This section is totally redesigned with the new theme of the website.


4. Photos

The Photos section has a new look, as in:


5. Ideas 

The Ideas section has been redesigned. Feel free to post any idea or suggestion you have for us to improve the website. See:


6. Search has been refined to show you exact results.

7. Chart data has been rectified in the Author Profile Page to show exact results.

8. RSS is available for all the latest feeds on the homepage.

9. News now has categories. Now one can post the latest news in respective categories like Windows Phone 8, Windows 8 etc.

10. A Legends tab in the "Top Members" section.

11. Paging has been removed from some sections like Photos, Blogs, and Ideas. Scrolling to the bottom of the page will load more data from that particular section.

As always, we look forward to see your comments and feedback on what do you think about these new features. 



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