C# Corner New Features Announced

In a set of new feature announcements, we launched this week some new features on the C# Corner website.
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New Improved Points System
We are happy to present to you a new and much improved points system. In the latest improvements, we plan to tackle ranking and reputation of members, which will help promote them even more.
Check out the new membership ranking point criteria here>>
New Collapsible Comments
The new Collapsible comments allows the collapsing and expanding of comments under contents. The Default view is collapsible when the page is loaded first time. Comments control is now on demand and is loaded by clicking the blue arrow icon.
C# Corner Flair
C# Corner is now providing you a script that you may copy on your personal blog or other websites and it will load your ranking, points, and views. The design of the C# Corner member profile tag will have two themes, light and dark.
This idea was suggested by Saineshwar Bageri
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Category Statistics
Moved the category statistics from right side bar to just below the category description. The statistics show the number of articles, blogs, videos, news etc from respective category. Click on particular stats will take you the list of posts of that content type.
Filtering Videos
Videos home page now have the feature to filter videos based on author name and complexity.
Ideas contribution in member profile
As idea suggested by Suthish Nair, idea contributions are now displayed in member profile page.
Awards & Recognition page
As idea suggested by Syed Shanu, new page has been designed to showcase list of members awards and recognitions. Clicking on “Recognitions & Awards” heading on member profile page will take you to this page.
Paging in Search Results
We have incorporated paging in search results. This idea was suggested by Aqib Shehzad,
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