C# Corner Opening Up For Startups and Entrepreneurs

I’ve been involved with startups for several years now. Not only I have few of my startups but am also on board of several startups. Recently, we partnered a lab called 1313 Innovation for entrepreneurs and startups in Wilmington, DE.


At the C# Corner Annual Conference 2014, I met a few C# Corner MVPs who have their own startups and had several questions and basically need help and guidance such as how to turn an idea into a company, get funding, build and sell apps, go-to market strategy and so on.

I have started putting together a group of startup leaders, pioneers and thought leaders. This group will advise C# Corner members on their startup needs. We are also planning to open a startup lab in India where we will foster a new breed of entrepreneurs who think differently.

Stay tuned for some announcements in the next coming months.