C# Corner UWP Version 0.50 Launched

C# Corner is pleased to announce its first UWP app for Windows 10 devices. The app is now available on Windows Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/csharp-corner/9nblggh4tmwd
The beta version available for Windows devices can be used only to read contents from various authors. The team is still working on improvements and fixes such as login and registration, posting comments, receiving notifications, asking questions via forums etc. will be made available in future versions.
The new C# Corner UWP application offers a number of key features. Here are the core features.
Live Tile
The app creates a live tile in your device after installation. Given below is how it looks on Windows 10 laptop and Windows 10 mobiles.
The Home Screen
The app has a classy look and works seamlessly in any Windows 10 device. The home screen displays all the latest and trending information at one screen. Just scroll it down and keep getting all the essential information.
First of all, there are featured posts at the top, followed by recent articles, blog, or news. Blow “Recent posts” section, comes “Breaking News” section. This way, the readers will get all the latest information at the top.
After this, we have put the “Editorials and Columnists” section where the latest posts of our top columnists and editors are displayed. Below this section, you can get all the information regarding upcoming technology events listed with C# Corner.
“Trending Up” section has been arranged under the events list. You can see the latest forum posts below this section, followed by recent jobs list.
Tabbed Menu
We have added tabs to the home screen so as to segregate the write-ups and other information for better navigation. Just have a look.
Each tab takes you to the specific category and you can easily navigate to all the write-ups under that category.
So, the home screen of C# Corner app contains all you need under one umbrella.
App Menu
Here is the main menu of the application. If you are a regular visitor of C# Corner Website, the menus are self-explanatory enough.
The “Home” menu is opened by default. What it offers is already described above. After “Home” menu, there is “Featured” menu where all the featured posts are displayed. Then, by clicking/tapping the “Technologies” menu, you can get the list of technologies listed at C# Corner, and explore the articles, blogs, or knowledge related to particular technology.
From “Videos” menu, the Video articles posted on C# Corner can be viewed and from News menu, one can easily explore the latest technology news listed on C# Corner.
After this, there is “Events” menu which displays all the upcoming events. Similarly, the "Jobs" menu shows all the latest job postings. At last, there is “Feedback” menu by which you can send us your feedback about the C# Corner UWP app.
Page View
Clicking on any of the article tiles will take the reader to the particular post; be it an article, blog, news, event, or video.
As you can see, there are left and right navigation arrows by which readers can read the previous or next articles without having to go back on the previous screen and select the next article.
Please install the app and provide us your feedback and suggestions.