C# Corner Website Updated

In a set of new feature announcements, C# Corner has made some significant changes in the User Experience of their website.

Dear Members,

C# Corner is now a proud community of over 3.2 million registered members and a hell lot of contributors. We keep improving and updating ourselves to provide you the best. In a set of new feature announcements, we made some significant changes in the User Experience of the C# Corner website, this week. Apart from some minor tweaks and updates, here are the details of some breaking changes. We hope you would like these.

“Upcoming Webinars” Section Added

Previously, there was no separate section for upcoming webinars and all were shown in the “Upcoming Chapter Events” section on the homepage. From now on, we have separated webinars from Chapter events with this new section “Upcoming Webinars”. We hope it has eliminated a lot of confusion that the interested attendees were facing.

C# Corner Webinar Section

Article History is now publicly visible

An important feature added to this update is the public visibility of the history of articles and other content being published. This has been a bold move for us, obviously, in order to bring forth more transparency to our members. Now, you know why an old content is showing on the top of the homepage. Also, this will show the efforts of the editorial team working under the hood.

C# Corner Article History

Along with this, some minor tweaks are also made in the title pane. The category images are now made circular and it is showing the “Last updated on” date rather than the “Published On”.

C# Corner Article Title

About Us Page added

What we were lacking for quite a long time was proper About Us page. Well, now, we have a wonderful "About Us" page with all the important details you need to know about, and functioning very smoothly, thanks to the C# Corner Development Division. You can visit it at – https://www.c-sharpcorner.com/about

C# Tutorials Page Added

From the very inception of C# Corner, the C# language has been a top priority for us to add resources on. In this wake, we have added a separate page containing a long list of C# tutorials to help you learn the technology from very basics to very advanced level at a single place. You can visit the C# Tutorials page to start learning from scratch.

We have something more

This is more like a notification that we have temporarily stopped accepting new ideas. We will be working on the long list of the new ideas submitted by you great people, our valuable members, for helping us improve the community. Well, to be frank, this will take time to implement all the ideas but rest assured, we have fastened our belts to work on it.

What’s Next?

Team C# Corner is ready to accept new challenges and has been working very hard to enhance the User Experience of the members on C# Corner website as well as the mobile apps. You will be seeing more updates in the coming future. We will keep you updated.

I hope you have liked the changes. Please provide us with your feedback on these new features.