C# Corner Year 2013 a Lookback

Year 2013 has been a tremendous year for all of us including our members, authors, chapter leads, speakers, core team, development team and everybody else who is working behind the scene. Every month, if not every week, we have done something new and it will not be fair to capture everything in one single article. 

In this article, we will highlight some of the key activities in brief. Again, thank you very much for building a strong and open community that is changing the world by sharing and learning.
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Here is a quick recap of C# Corner in the year that was 2013. 

C# Corner MVP Summit 2013

C# Corner organized its 4 day MVP Summit from March 21-24, 2013, at Country Inn & Suites, NOIDA. The main agenda of the Summit was to recognize the members who regularly contribute to C# Corner. Over 500 attendees were present, including 50 Mindcracker MVPs, 12 Microsoft MVPs, 10 Speakers alongside some international speakers.


Prayan was a step towards the corporate social responsibility. It was an initiative of C# Corner to empower the village youth, held on Oct 19, 2013, at "Choudhary Charan Singh Braj Khand Inter College, Bathain, Mathura". It is the same school where Mr. Mahesh Chand, Honorable C# Corner Founder used to go as a student. Prayan - attended by more than 200 students was a huge hit, led by Mr. Dhananjay Kumar and accompanying him, there were several other dignitaries of the C# Corner team.

Delhi Chapter

It is another success story that C# Corner is proud of, with a humble beginning but gaining a tremendous momentum in 2013. Covering several technologies such as Replication in SQL Server, Getting Started with WCF, Getting Started with ASP.Net MVC, Enterprise Architecture, ASP.NET Web API, AJAX, MVC & JavaScript and Knockout.JS: MVVM in JavaScript, the Delhi Chapter, this year, enriched many.

Mumbai Chapter

Mumbai Chapter initiated and nurtured by Mr. Shivprasad Koirala and Mr. Vidya Vrat Agarwal, the idea was to discuss the technology face to face rather than on the websites as a non profit initiative. And this year it sure reached a lot of IT enthusiasts as the count of members grew each day with huge positive response.

Istanbul Chapter

Istanbul Chapters led by Mr. Ibrahim Ersoy received great openings considering the craze and the turnout for the events. Looking at the frequent Chapter meets in every couple of months here, the Istanbul Chapter fever is surely spreading throughout the country.

Kolkata Chapter

Kolkata Chapters led by Mr. Nitesh Luharuka was welcomed with both hands by the IT enthusiasts making it a huge success. The interest and the level of participation growing here has made it evident that the Kolkata Chapter is here to stay.

Hyderabad Chapter made a come back

Hyderabad Chapter opened with a big bang on the April 2, 2013, led by Krishna Garad with a total of 228 members. This Chapter held 5 events till date and is continuing to get encouraging response from the attendees.

Chandigarh Chapter

Right after its introduction Chandigarh Chapter outperformed in its category. It showed a performance that can only inspire all to raise the bar. Full of knowledge sharing events and fun Chandigarh Chapter is one of the many proud additions of C# Corner Chapters.

Jabalpur Chapter

Jabalpur Chapter led by Kunal Choudhary has been very consistent with its chapter activities and has become a head turner in the city.

Now let’s take a quick tour of C# Corner in the year that was 2013, touching the bolder dots.

New features Introduced

This year C# Corner announced some of its most awaited brand new website features, enhancing the browsing experience on C# Corner for the existing and the new users. What were they? Let’s have a quick look:

  • Pulse

    Pulse home page has two tabs: Site Pulse and My Pulse. The Site Pulse shows what is happening on the site right at this moment. My Pulse tab is available only when you are logged in and shows activities related to my content. Then there are the Pulsometer that shows the most active contents in last 24 hours and the Pulse Master that lists the most active members in past 24 hours.

  • Trending

    It shows the most viewed, most commented and the most liked topic of last 24 hours. Roughly speaking it gives an idea about what is most popular at C# Corner now.

  • Most Liked Member of the Month

    Most liked members by the readers are ranked on the basis of their comments, likes and views.

  • New Chapters Introduced

    The C# Corner Chapters have become a platform for its users and attendees to directly interact with the veterans from the industry. Taking this process further we have introduced five new Chapters this year, which are, Redmond, USA; Bengaluru, India; Warsaw, Poland; Ankara, Turkey and Chandigarh, India along with the already running Chapters.

  • Member of the Month

    C# Corner has now introduced an award for “Member of the Month” for its Authors who has most contributions.

  • Fast, Light And Easier To Navigate

    The Developers behind the scene have really worked hard to give the users a very fast, light and easy to navigate website.

  • Quick Approval

    The Approvals of the articles and blogs are much quicker than ever before.

  • MVP Summit On Bigger Stage

    MVP Summit, each year, is getting bigger and better. 2013 MVP Summit witnessed a whopping 50 Mindcracker MVPs, 12 Microsoft MVPs, 10 Speakers, 500+ Attendees with several International Speakers.

  • Media Coverage

    Information Week and VAR INDIA covered the C# Corner MVP Summit this year.

  • Social Media Marketing

    C# Corner Facebook Page has now more than 19,000 likes and is growing day by day. C# Corner Twitter Page has now more than 5,400 Followers.
  • New Technologies Introduced

    C# Corner discusses every new technology that emerges so that the users are always up to date and well informed with the changing trends. Take a look at what new technologies C# Corner introduced in its blogs and articles in the year 2013.

    • SignalR
    • Knockout.js
    • AngularJS
    • Backbone
    • Lightswitch
2013 was full of knowledge, new technologies, fun and excitement. Now 2014 knocking our doors, we hope the new year is also filled with so many more proud moments that we can boast of.

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