C# Corner Year 2016 at a Glance

New Year 2017 has arrived and it is about time to say goodbye to the magnificent 2016. Also, the moment has come when we need to revive all our memories of 2016 and review the highlights with some picture perfect moments.
The C# Corner community had an outstanding year, in terms of growth, new registrations, popularity, and reach. All in all, we can say that we feel more content as the year has passed. The credit for all this success goes to all of our contributors, authors, chapter leaders, visitors, and helpers who have shown their support by giving their valuable time to us and helping us grow this community.
We would also like to thank our members for regular visits and most importantly, the honest feedback on everything - either good or bad, to make us learn and improve.

1. Site Traffic
The year 2016 has been wonderful as we have achieved record traffic in this past year. We served over 55 million visitors worldwide. We touched the milestone of 3.1 million registered members, and surpassed 8 million page views in a month.
So was our performance on Social Media - Simply Awesome! The C# Corner Facebook page got over 1.1 Million while the Twitter reached the 82.7K followers after the year 2016.
2. Events and Webinars
Here also, we have established new records. We have had more events and webinars in 2016 than in past years. We started with a goal to spread out the events further, at the starting of the year. Now we are proud to say that we came out of our shell and took the name of C# Corner to more places in India as well as out of India.
Here is an overview.
Total 120 events were organized throughout the year 2016, and more than 14440 people participated in those events.
When it comes to webinar, we arranged 30 webinars in total, which benefitted around 3959 users.
3.C# Corner Annual Conference 2016
C# Corner Annual Conference has always been our the most precious event and we take pride in organizing this event every year. Yes! Annual Conference is our crowning jewel. We are really proud of and thankful to our team, organizers, and event directors.
New heights of success were achieved with C# Corner Annual Conference 2016 covering more technologies and reaching more audience. C# Corner Annual Conference 2016 took place on March 18-19 at Country Inn & Suites Hotel, Ghaziabad. 14 internationally celebrated international speakers hosted more than 20 tech sessions full of knowledge and inspiration.
Around 1000 attendees participated in the Annual Conference 2016 including C# Corner MVPs, Authors, International Speakers, Tech Influencers, and Chapter leaders. This enthusiasm of people towards technology inspires us to work harder and bring the developer community more closer to the technology.
We have already planned a grand Annual Conference for the year 2017 also, which is going to be held on April 7-9, 2017. The conference is made up of people who will make this the best conference ever. We are having exclusive offers, and participants can win free entry passes for C# Corner Annual Conference.
4. New Features and Enhancements
“Learn and Improve” has always been our policy. We learned a lot this year and improved ourselves for better performance. The C# Corner portal was enhanced with some extremely useful features that, we are sure, have made the portal stand out of crowd.

Here is a list of a few:
Improvements in the designs of several pages
C# Corner portal has become a large database of several millions of registered users. As the number of users increase, increases the responsibility of C# Corner team to serve them better. In this row, we redesigned several pages including Ideas section, Header section, Chapters page, Content View page etc. Not to mention, we asked for the opinion of our community members, and the most voted designs were selected.

Comment Emoticon
We introduced a new section, “Comment Emoticons” at content view page, after collecting votes from you guys.
C# Corner Android App
The most incredible achievement of this year has been the launch of C# Corner Android app . With the new C# Corner App, C# Corner went mobile and got a wonderful response. The app was being improved continuously throughout the year. The latest version of the C# Corner Android app is 0.5.4.
Discontinued the Code Snippet feature
In order to make the portal better, we had to take some hard decisions. We bade goodbye to the code snippet section this year. The reason behind was the lack of information provided to the readers.
New Categories added
In this rapidly changing IT world, new technologies are making their presence every now and then, and our goal has been to cover more technologies to offer more knowledge to the readers. So, we introduces some new technology sections this year, such as - Entity Framework, Iocnic, Bootstrap, Unity, React, Cognitive Services.

C# Corner Flair Launched
C# Corner Community takes its members seriously and focuses on every suggestion and idea provided by its members. The same we did by launching the Flair for C# Corner member profiles, where a short performance report of the member is shown.

5. C# Corner MVPs
In appreciation of the hard work and contributions of our authors, we announced a total of 34 C# Corner MVPs for the first half of 2016 in July. Earlier in March, we renewed and awarded 8 more MVP awards to some extraordinary performers. We are grateful to all the authors and contributors who have made the C# Corner Community a brand.
6. C# Corner Startup Conference
The Startup Conference was held in the end of August 2016 where technologists willing to start their own start ups saw the picture of how to start with a new idea and convert that into a million dollar baby.
We introduced new AR/VR gadgets launched by prominent market players including Microsoft and Google.
7. 25 eBooks Published
As a step forward to provide more knowledge to our users, we provide free eBooks on different trending technologies, written by C# Corner authors mostly. We did publish 25 eBooks this year. That is a new record for us as compared to the previous years.
Thus, 2016 has been pretty amazing, interesting, and productive. This could not have been possible without your support and love. We are very thankful for that.
We believe, we will learn more, grow more, and attain new milestones in the coming year too. Well, finger crossed.
Wishing all members of C# Corner a very Happy Holidays and Happy New Year !!!