C3 Launches AI CRM Powered By Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft, C3.ai, and Adobe join forces to re-form CRM with AI.

Recently, C3.ai, Microsoft, and Adobe announced the launch of C3 AI CRM powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Well, C3 AI CRM has the Dynamics 365 as the foundation for end-to-end, intelligent customer engagement. And it comes with Adobe Experience Cloud providing real-time customer profile and customer journey management, together with C3.ai’s industry-specific enterprise AI capabilities.


C3 AI CRM - AI-first customer relationship management solution - is purpose-built for industries, integrates with Adobe Experience Cloud, and drives customer-facing operations with predictive business insights.

The platform provides an integrated ecosystem that empowers you to take advantage of leading CRM capabilities along with an integrated ecosystem with Azure, Microsoft 365, and the Microsoft Power Platform. The solution  is pre-built and configured for industries like financial services, automotive, healthcare, telecommunications, utilities, aerospace, public sector, defense, and intelligence, enabling industries to deploy and operate C3 AI CRM and its industry-specific machine learning models quickly.

The solution leverages the common data model of the Open Data Initiative (ODI). So it is easier for you to bring together disparate client data from across the enterprise.

"The dynamics of the market and the mandates of digital transformation have dramatically changed CRM market requirements.  A general-purpose CRM system of record is no longer sufficient.  Customers today demand industry-specific, fully AI-enabled solutions that provide AI-enabled revenue forecasting, product forecasting, customer churn, next-best product, next-best offer, and predisposition to buy." noted Thomas M. Siebel, CEO of C3.ai.

C3 AI CRM is available through the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketplace.