CDI 2.0 Beta Gets Released

Context and Dependency Injection for Java EE (CDI) had become the most important component of Java platform just after the release of CDI 1.0 as a part of Java EE 6. After a long R&D of more than two years, now the CDI 2.0 Beta 1 version has been released, with complete listed features. The Beta for RI (Weld 3.0 Beta1) is now available for downloading. Let us now check what the final release has to offer, and what to expect from its next release.
It is really essential for you to test the RI and discover the new API. The resources are listed in the official blog and you can check here for more details.
The following are the new features which are included in CDI 2.0, as per the official blog:
  • The spec was split into 3 parts to add the support for Java SE.
  • API to boot CDI in Java SE.
  • Observers (i.e. events) ordering.
  • Asynchronous event.
  • Configurators for major SPI elements
  • Possibility to configure or veto observer methods.
  • Add built-in annotation literals
  • Make possible to apply interceptor on producers.
  • Alignment on Java 8 features (streams, lambdas, repeating qualifiers)
The company, in its official website, states,
"If everything stays on track we should send the PFD (proposed final draft) with TCK and RI to the JCP soon. If the JCP ballot is green, CDI 2.0 final could be released before end of February."
The company has also hinted that they will soon start working on CDI 2.1, so as to add new features and utilize the upcoming Java EE 8 completely.