Chakra available for Universal Windows Applications

Chakra is a powerful JavaScript engine that provides scalability, reliability, and performance to JavaScript execution. Chakra is used by Microsoft Edge, the newest Web browser Microsoft announced on April 29. Check out what new exciting stuff Edge has to offer. On Windows 10 platform, Chakra is also used by Windows applications written in HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Now, Chakra is available to developers to use in their Universal Windows applications. The Chakra library called JavaScript Runtime (JSRT) APIS is now shipped as a part of the Windows SDK. The library was available in Windows 8.1/IE 11 with limited outside usages, Windows 10 had expanded its range by making it a true API that can be used by developers in their unmanaged (Win32) and managed (Universal Windows) applications.

As published in this blog:

Chakra JavaScript runtime (JSRT) API is divided into two APIs. The first is legacy JSRT API that resides in Jscript9.dll. This API is used in Windows 8.1/IE 11 version of Chakra. The second API is Edge JSRT API that resides in Chakra.dll library. This API is used in Windows 10/Microsoft Edge and is available to developers in Universal Windows applications.

All of the design choices mentioned in the above section are still supported in Edge JSRT. However, unlike the legacy JSRT APIs, Edge JSRT APIs enable support for hosting Chakra in any Universal Windows applications providing scripts native access to the underlying platform, provide ECMAScript6 support on par with ES6 support enabled by default in Microsoft Edge, and enables debugging of scripts in Universal Windows applications via Visual Studio. The whitepaper on Targeting Edge vs. Legacy Engine with JSRT APIs provides more information about the API split and how to target Edge JSRT APIs.


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