Channel 9 Will Stop Accepting MVP Contributions

Channel 9 to stop accepting MVP contributions.

Microsoft’s Channel 9 video platform allows Microsoft products teams as well as the external contributors (mostly Microsoft MVPs) to upload their video content.
Starting Jan 01, 2018, Channel 9 will not accept any external contributions from the MVPs. In an email to MVPs, they wrote,
"Moving forward we want to enable Channel 9 to return to its roots of enabling the developer community to get a behind-the-scenes look into our product direction, strategic decisions, and key engineering leadership."
While the new change will implement on Jan 01, the previous content will still be available on Channel 9.
"To that end, Channel 9 will begin to transition away from external user contributed content to a curated approach effective January 1st, 2018." The nature of this change will have an impact on community contributors like yourself and, as we move forward, you will no longer have the ability to submit video content directly to Channel 9 beginning on this date.
If you have previously submitted content, it will continue to live on Channel 9.
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