Chapters Revamped and Redesigned

We are pleased to announced newly redesigned, overhauled and transformed Chapters website. Most of the members and user group executives suggestions have been implemented. Check it out.

New Look Chapters Section

The C# Corner Chapters website lists all C# Corner user group chapters. Not only the Chapters website lists all the chapters, members, and activities but also let the Chapter Admins and Leads manage their related chapters and their content.

We had great users and members feedback. As promised, we delivered. 

C# Corner Chapters section has been overhauled and transformed with suggestions from user group members and leaders.

The first thing you will see on the Chapters website home page is, upcoming events. On the same large banner, you may also click "Attend the Event" link to register for that chapter event. 


Chapter’s homepage also summarizes the upcoming activities happening in various chapters. Here you can see the upcoming events, new members registered, albums uploaded, and articles/blogs posted on various chapters.

You may simply get the details of various chapters, members, leaders, and events by clicking on Chapters, Members, Chapter Leaders, and Events respectively. All recaps from past events can also be found in “Articles”.

Each chapter has its own website. You can find a local city chapter by clicking on Chapters on the header and selecting a Chapter name. You can also go to the Chapter's website by clicking on City Name. The Chapter website shows details of the chapter leader, chapter executive members, upcoming and past events and activities from that chapter.

This is how the Delhi Chapter website looks like.


Redesigned event page for registration and map to easily finding the location of the event.


C# Corner team hopes you like all these new changes.