Check out the upcoming FREE E-Book: Successfirmations!

Happy Holidays! Check out the upcoming FREE E-Book titled, “Successfirmations: Think, Reveal, Receive – LeaderShaping the Formula for Success! This text helps you to become a strategic leadership thinker on a daily basis! In today’s dynamic, global environment, there is an absolute need for leaders of all types to become and remain strategic thinkers. Successfirmations is designed to help people become engines of a smarter planet.   

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In the E-Book you will learn:


§         Tools and tactics for changing “you,” your “organization” and the world.

§         Why leaders should examine, diagnose, organize and self-assess before executing.

§         How “adaptive leadership” behaviors can help solve problematic issues.

§         How to use team building maneuvers to build great teams and extraordinary team leaders.


At first glance, this e-book seems to be just another publication filled with leadership philosophies to focus on advice you already know: establish a well thought-out strategy forward, prioritize and focus on leadership of self and how to change internal/external resources to change everything else. But, the consistent quality and creativity may pleasantly surprise you. So many of the world’s problems, and the issues that organizations, teams and people face every day, can seem unyielding and unsolvable. Strategic Leadership & Execution consultant Damian D. “Skipper” Pitts propose a new way to lead the charge to change: “Successfirmations: Think, Reveal, Receive – LeaderShaping the Formula for Success” calls for eliminating outdated approaches to embrace new skills, a positive mental attitude, adaptive behaviors and team building maneuvers to receive the desired effects in the future.


The counsel combines wisdom from organizational behavior, positive psychology, strategic execution, transformational leadership and team building maneuvers with a healthy dose of self-assessment to help leaders face ongoing challenges and execute their work with artistry. These are solid and fresh touchstones for leaders to learn from. The value proposition they offer will help anyone or any organization make difficult decisions about change. Successfirmations is filled with useful real-life examples and well thought-out advice that has worked in the marketplace, using military stratagem from the United States Marine Corps as a backdrop. This process takes time, significant amounts of energy and self-knowledge, but the rewards leaders and organizations will achieve is very well worth the trip.


Napoleon Hill is quoted as saying; “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes.” When was the last time you looked into the mirror? Consider the e-book your chance to do so.