Chef Launches Habitat For Application Automation

Today, Chef announced Habitat, a new open source project for application automation that makes an application platform independent and can be deployed and run on any platform or also migrate from one platform to another. The news was announced by Adam Jacobs, CTO & Co-Founder at Chef.

Here is the detailed news video:

Chef specializes in software automation and Habitat is one of several products it offers. The purpose of Habitat is to make DevOps (Developers and IT) guys' lives easier to build, manage, and deploy applications on different platforms. Habitat functions also include application migration from one platform to the other.

From the tutorial:

Habitat shifts the focus of application management and configuration from the infrastructure to the application itself. It allows you to create packages, which encapsulate the application, runtime dependencies, metadata, and any configuration information. A package contains everything an application needs to run on its target platform. When these packages are installed and run as services, applications become dynamically configurable, topology aware, and have monitoring capabilities built in.

Here is list of free get started tutorials on Habitat >


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