Chrome 51 Released With New Credential Management API

Chrome 51 is now available to Mac and Windows and it will soon be available on Linux. The latest version of Google’s browser contains the usual bug and security fixes, but alongside it also features a new Credential Management API which helps in improving the website login experience.
The company states,
“The Chrome team is delighted to announce the promotion of Chrome 51 to the stable channel for Windows, Mac and Linux.”
The password manager built into Chrome is about to get better with the support for the new Credential Management API. Websites will now be able to directly interact with the browser’s password manager and federated account services such as Google Smart Lock and Facebook. With just one tap log in, this feature will be especially useful when you are signing in on your mobile or for sites which have customer login flows.
These days, the sites are completely full of embedded videos and social widgets that create processing overhead and which slow down the user experience. Starting with version 51, Chrome will now no longer round the rendering pipeline for the frames which are off screen. This will help in eliminating the unnecessary work for the browser and will also reduce power consumption by up to 30 percent.
This update will also contain numerous APIs along with other changes for developers. Chrome 51 adds new a Material bookmark widget on Android and also removes the merge tabs feature. This particular update includes 42 security fixes contributed by external researches and internal teams.
Chrome 51 for desktop is now rolling out, with updates for Chrome on Android and Chrome OS following soon.

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