CollabNet VersionOne Releases Latest Version Of Its VS Solution

CollabNet VersionOne has announced the latest release of Its VS Solution.

Recently, CollabNet VersionOne announced the latest release of its VS solution, which, according to the company, will enable organizations to establish and practice Value Stream Management (VSM) at the enterprise level for software development and delivery.
colab net versionone 
The new release of the VS solution includes VersionOne and its new features for scaling agile, TeamForge SCM for Git enterprise version control and Continuum for DevOps orchestration and rapid innovation.
Flint Brenton, CEO at CollabNet VersionOne, said, "This release is significant because organizations want to establish VSM to be competitive in the next wave of digital transformation that will demand more speed, quality, efficiency and market alignment,...But they lack a solution for effective VSM at the enterprise scale. We solve that."
The company said that VS removes the barriers and struggles. VS allows to scale agile, apply DevOps orchestration and business intelligence. It enables you to take advantage of Git across the enterprise to align software development and delivery processes with business goals.