Comcast Announces Gigabit Pro with 2Gbps for San Francisco Area

Comcast plans to launch its high speed Internet service Gigabit Pro in the San Francisco area and also increase the speed of its current plans, as reported by the PC World. The Gigabit Pro is the fastest Internet by Comcast with 2Gbps speed. This service is symmetrical, which means the download and upload speed will be the same.

This service is already expected to launch in Atlanta. The Gigabit Pro service will allow users to have internet speed up to 2Gbps.

Years ago, Google announced they will have high-speed Internet in the Bay area with gigabits speed but it has not launched yet.

Comcast also announced that it will upgrade the speed of its existing plans from 50Mbps and 105 Mbps to 75Mbps and 150Mbps respectively.


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