Coming Lenovo's Windows 8 tablet in Oct 2012

Using this news you will get information about Lenovo's Windows 8 tablet.

As you know Microsoft will launch Windows 8 operating system in Oct 2012. It’s known to us that Windows 8 will be shipping in October and Lenovo can launch the Windows 8 tablet in Oct 2012. Dell is also working on a tablet which will base on Windows 8 operating system. Dell will also launch Windows 8 tablet on the same day of release Windows 8 operating system.


Dell is not a one company which will release Windows 8 tablet, Lenovo will also launch Windows 8 tablet in Oct 2012. Dell and Lenovo are very biggest electronics company. Lenovo will be that company which will launch a Windows 8 tablet in the market. In this year Nokia will also launch their first tablet. Lenovo is just one of several manufacturers vying for a Windows 8 tablet later this year. Dell, HP, Nokia and ASUS have all thrown their names into the proverbial hat. The Lenovo's tablet has 13.3-inch display with an attached keyboard on a 360-degree hinge that lets you flip the machine into a laptop configuration.