Coming Microsoft's Visual Studio 11 Beta on 29 Feb 2012

Using this news you will get knowledge about Microsoft's Visual Studio 11 Beta version. Which is the latest version of Visual Studio.

As you know Microsoft is the very biggest software company. In this year Microsoft released many products. Microsoft will release SQL Server 2012 on 7 March 2012 and Windows 8 in Oct 2012. Currently Microsoft will release Visual Studio 11 Beta on 29 Feb 2012. Visual Studio 11 has many advance feature than the Visual Studio 2010. Visual Studio 11 will also support On Windows 8. The main feature of Visual Studio 11 are Reduced toolbar commands, Comprehensive search, Workflow hubs, Preview Tabs, Simplified graphics and so on.


Visual Studio 11 will offer an integrated solution for both individuals and development teams of any size to be productive at all times. Visual Studio 11 provides a simplified user interface to help all programmers easily remain focused on their work, while also enjoying easier access to the tools they need. Programmers will be able to maintain the level of productiveness whether they build apps using C++, JavaScript, Visual Basic or C#.” With Visual Studio 11, programmers will benefit from β€œan integrated development experience that seamlessly spans the entire life cycle of software creation,” Microsoft notes. Visual Studio 11 has many features like as  code creation, user interface design, deployment, testing, insight and analysis, or validation.