Coming Mozilla Firefox for Windows Metro in 2012

Using this post you will get information about new version of Mozilla Firefox which will integrated with Metro environment.

As you know Mozilla Firefox is a web browser. Microsoft will release Windows Metro in this year. So concept on windows Metro, Mozilla Firefox coming a new version for Windows Metro. Mozilla announced the new version of Firefox foe Windows Metro coming in the second half of 2012. Windows 8 provides a classic interface. Windows Metro is new version of Windows 8 in which Microsoft removed start button. The new version of Firefox will integrated with Metro atmosphere.


Windows 8 is coming with classic user interface i.e. Metro atmosphere. Mozilla said, The feature goal of new version of Firefox browser built for Metro atmosphere. Firefox on Metro atmosphere, like Metro apps will be full screen, touch interactions, and connected to the Metro atmosphere by Windows 8. Windows 8 will come with a classic user interface that focus on Metro environment. On the mobile phone's processor, Firefox use low level software. Windows 8 will come with new version of Internet Explorer i.e. Internet Explorer 10, which will classic and Metro.