Coming soon Raspberry Pi computer in January 2012

In this news you will see new version of computer which launch in January 2012.

Raspberry Pi foundation developed a single board computer which is "Raspberry Pi Computer". This computer will launch in January 2012. These computer specially developed for the children who are still of the miracle this wonderful machine can cause to make them more user friendly.


The Raspberry Pi exercises a small chip like that observed in mobile phones and is meant to run a version of the Linux operating system and open source OS.

Feature of this computer

  • Uses the Broadcom BCM2835 chipset
  • Has an ARM11 processor of 700Mhz
  • Has 128MB RAM
  • Can run Linux and the plethora of software available for it
  • Can connect to a TV via RCA or HDMI
  • Can play back audio via 3.5mm audio jack or HDMI
  • Can play videos in HD
  • Supports USB2 devices
  • Is powered by a mere 5V over micro USB

There are two version of this computer which are as follows

Model A priced at $25 (£16) which doesn’t feature an Ethernet port.

Model B priced at $35 (£22) with an Ethernet port.

Raspberry Pi foundation aimed to complete this machine before the start of 2012.