Coming to Windows 8 'App' store :New Features,Enterprise and Details

This news describes about the up coming windows 8 and its features.

Coming to Windows 8 'App' store :New Features,Enterprise and Details -

NEWS Microsoft is going over the limit to a minimum price of $1.49.Microsoft says that for the first $25,000 of revenue generated from an app, either sale of the app or in-app purchases.Microsoft had something in store for us at its Windows Store and just revealed the Windows 8 app-selling portal look.The new Windows Store is not just for consumers, enterprise apps will also be available to fulfill your every business need.

Windows directly attract developers,in Windows 8 the app-builders will be able to keep 80 percent of revenue by apps sold through the store.

The IT admin can use power shell command to manage these apps style on Windows 8.Unlike previous Windows' interfaces, Metro is a tile-based system specifically designed for touchscreens.
A single line of code you can add to a webpage to have Internet Explorer 10 (and thus Windows 8) recognize that the site has a companion app available for download.