Coming Windows 8 with 1024x768 Minimum Resolution

Using this news you will get information about Windows 8 resolution.

As you know Windows 8 coming in this year. Windows 8 is the latest operating system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft will launch Windows 8 in Oct 2012. Windows 8 has many advance features. The one of the most features of Windows 8 is resolution i.e. Windows 8 come with 1024x768 Minimum Resolution. By setting this minimum resolution requirement, the company ensured that developers had a baseline for making navigation, controls, and content fit the screen. With higher resolutions there is more space, so the layout is really never broken or truncated on higher resolution screens. You can run Metro style apps on a screen as big as 30” with a resolution of 2560x1600,” he says.


The main reason of this features of Windows 8 is is large enough to support the rich and beautiful layouts that we expect to see with Metro style apps. Lower resolutions, like 800x600 for example, require simpler more basic layouts with less content. This resolution will be most useful foe web designer because web developers are used to targeting this resolution. A developer can easily build the same app to show more content as the screen size changes from a tablet, to a laptop with a bigger screen, all the way up to a desktop monitor.