Complete SignalR on ASP.NET Core Course Launched

C# Corner is thrilled to announce our latest course, Complete SignalR on ASP.NET Core.

At C# Corner, we believe software professionals should have access to courses that offer the most latest skills in order to stay up to date. We are thrilled to announce our latest course, Complete SignalR on ASP.NET Core.

This course is a great chance to expand your knowledge on SignalR and learn to build basic web applications on ASP .NET Core using SignalR.

Complete SignalR on ASP.NET Core Training Program

Are you a web developer? If so, you would know that many web development projects these days require the ability to establish a persistent connection between a client and a server without having to keep sending repeated requests from the client. As you may also know, such functionality may be hard to implement.

However, if you can build your web application in ASP.NET Core, there is a way to make this whole process easy. There is a library called SignalR. This is what the course is going to talk about. As well as doing all the heavy lifting for you, the library abstracts away all complex implementation details, so your code can be made extremely simple.

Course Structure

  1. Introduction
    • Introduction
    • Transport Mechanisms
    • Setting Up Your Environment
    • Setting Up Your Solution
    • Test Yourself
  2. Setting Up SignalR Hub
    • Introduction to SignalR Hub
    • SignalR Hub Example
    • SignalR Hub Explained
    • Strongly Typed SignalR Hub
    • Strongly Typed Hub Explained
    • Further Reading
    • Test Yourself
  3. Setting Up SignalR Clients
    • Introducing SignalR Clients
    • Setting Up JavaScript Client
    • JavaScript Client Example
    • JavaScript Client Explained
    • Setting Up .NET Client
    • .NET Client Example
    • .NET Client Explained
    • Preparing Blazor WebAssembly Client
    • Blazor WebAssembly Client Example
    • Blazor WebAssembly Client Explained
    • Using WebSocket Client with SignalR
    • WebSocket Client Example
    • WebSocket Client Explained
    • Further Reading
    • Test Yourself

About Instructor

Fiodar Sazanavets

Fiodar is an experienced full-stack lead software engineer who mainly works with Microsoft software development stack. The main areas of his expertise include ASP.NET (Framework and Core), SQL Server, Azure, Docker, Internet of Things (IoT), microservices architecture and various front-end technologies.

Fiodar has built his software engineering experience while working in a variety of industries, including water engineering, financial, retail, railway and defence. He has played a leading role in various projects and, as well as building software, his duties included performing architectural and design tasks. He has also performed a variety of technical duties on clients' sites, such as in-house software development and deployment of both software and IoT hardware.

Fiodar is passionate about teaching other people programming skills. He has published a number of programming courses on various online platforms.

Who Should Enroll

This training program is perfect for working professionals as well as students who want to advance their career. The course is beneficial for

  • Team leads
  • Software Developers
  • Those who are into consulting
  • Any other web developers using Microsoft programming stack
  • Students

Under the initiative by C# Corner for student development, students from various universities/colleges can avail the special concessions for all the training programs. Contact Mr. Manish Tewatia at to avail student discount.

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