ComponentGo! has released CalendarGo! Bundle 6.3.3 – like MS Outlook managing appointments

CalendarGo! Bundle is pack of multiple windows forms .NET calendars and schedulers that allow you to plan your appointments and browse them in various ways. The newest version gives support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. There are few improvements in managing colors of cells. That improvements help to state different part of day: lunch, free time, night, etc. There are following controls: daily calendar, weekly calendar, monthly calendar, resource scheduler. A single line of code embeds a fully functional calendar or resource scheduler (Gantt diagram) in your application saving you hundreds hours' worth of coding. CalendarGo! Bundle allows you to programmatically control almost every aspect of your calendar's appearance and Gantt's diagram. Microsoft Outlook®-like operation and look-and-feel make use by non-power users possible. Simple programming interface allows for easy integration with Microsoft Visual Studio® using a Visual Design mode and facilitates programming using XML, ADO.NET, Web Services, etc.

Includes full C# source code.


Similar to Microsoft Outlook – Resource manager  – Similar to Microsoft Project – Full control over color from a Visual Designer – Drag&drop support – Printing support – Defining tooltips – Recurrence support – Images for appointments and resources – Simple programming – LinkedCalendar handling – Send data to MS Outlook – Toolbar handling – Calendar customization – Common collections – Common events model – Holiday support – On-demand data access – Edit In Place – Owner draw – Multiple columns for a resource – Design Mode support – Multilingual – Current day and current time marker – Reading from and saving to ADO.NET


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