ComponentGo! has released WebSchedulerGo 3.0.4 - Gantt scheduling with AJAX

The WebSchedulerGo 3.0.4 is a unique ASP.NET control on the market that allows users to manage multiple resources at a time. Now, it supports all major web browsers on market: IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari and Chrome. AJAX technology gives one the possibility to drag and drop scheduler items to change time and/or resource, or to edit in place texts on the scheduler. A hierarchical tree of the rows allows building parent-child relations among resources. The control can be used in many areas: hierarchical project planning, management of resources and time, hotel room booking, employee scheduling, team management, doctor/patient time planning, etc.

An attached demo program writes data to and reading it from an SQL database using ADO.NET or any other data structures.

Includes full C# source code.


IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome - HTML+JavaScript - Minimum HTML size - Simple programming - JavaScript object - AJAX callbacks - Context Menus - Multilingual - Resource manager - Full control over color from a Visual Designer and Auto format - Smart tags (Action list) - Defining tooltips - Customizable time resolution - Planning of tasks for a long time - Collapsing or hiding a free-time periods - Edit text item and resource (Edit In Place) - Customizable hours - Reading from and saving to ADO.NET - CLS Compliant & Code Analysis - Drag & Drop functionality - Extended elements display - Overlapping items - Resources tree - Caption and date navigator - Client and Server events - Linked items - Regions & Layers

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