Corda 4.3 Launched

Corda 4.3 is now available with accounts library and upgraded confidential identities.

Recently, Corda, an open source blockchain project, announced its latest release, 4.3, which brings many new features as well as a myriad of smaller fixes.
The highlight of the new release are the Introduction of Accounts, Upgraded confidential identities, Improved RPC Client Reconnection, and Security enhancements.
The new release introduces the accounts library, which helps nodes to split the vault into multiple logical sub-vaults, called accounts. Now node operators are able to work with a custodial model and dramatically reduce the operational cost of managing multiple participants on a Corda network(as this allows representing multiple entities as separate accounts on a single node.)
Source: Corda
With Corda 4.3, nodes can now share confidential identities without needing a transaction. This makes confidential identities easier to reuse in new subsequent transactions. Also these identities now have the option to be deniable.
Another change is that Confidential identities now no longer map a public key to a party and certificate chain. Now, mapping of a public key is done to a Corda X.500 name, reducing the storage overhead required for confidential identities.
The new version 4.3 also improves the reliability of the RPC client, handling reconnection without additional client-side code. And there are a bunch of new security enhancements as well for example a node can now validate a transaction with a contract that is not installed on the node, if the contract is signed by a trusted party.
Other important security changes include upgrading the version of Jolokia to mitigate a known security vulnerability, and moving the Corda webserver to a testing module, as it is deprecated and not suitable for production use.
To see a complete list of updates, you can visit the release notes here.