CoreCLR is now open source on GitHub

Microsoft's .NET team has announced that CoreCLR is now open source on GitHub. CoreCLR is an execution engine for .NET apps, performing functions such as garbage collection and compilation to machine code and IL byte code loading.

CoreCLR is the second open source repo that the team has shared on GitHub, the first one being CoreFX many of you have been engaging with over the last few months. The CoreCLR repo is very similar in nature to the CoreFX repo. Company will continue to evolve these repos together so that your experience feels natural across the fairly large codebase.

The company has released the complete and up-to-date CoreCLR implementation which includes RyuJIT, the .NET GC, native interop and other .NET runtime components. You can check out the CoreCLR, fork, clone and build. The .NET Core Team talks about the release of CoreCLR codebase at Channel 9 studio. It's very exciting to hear about the process of making it open source and the overall move to open source. Check out .NET Foundation forums if you want to talk about it.

Microsoft says, "There will be several more milestones on the path to delivering on the open source and cross-platform .NET runtime and server-side stack". They have also announced a virtual .NET Conference slated for March 18 & 19. Hope to have more fun demos to share.

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