Cortana Coming Soon On Android Lock Screen

It was quite recently that Cortana gained a new update for both, iOS and Android, bringing in a much clearer and prettier user design. For all those who use Cortana on their Android device, will now be able to access Cortana from their lock screen itself, all thanks to the upcoming update.
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Microsoft is currently testing this particular new feature with users part of the beta program for Cortana on Android. Hence, it is being expected that this will be widely released really soon. Once you go on to install this new update and open Cortana, it will immediately ask you to enable “Cortana on lock screen” and all you need to do is to click on “Add Cortana to my lock screen” button so as to enable this particular feature on your phone.
You will also be able to swipe the logo right or left, so as to open the Cortana panel – it is quite similar to the camera shortcut which is available in most Android devices. From the Cortana panel on your lock screen, you will be able to gain all the new updates, and you will also be able to ask Cortana whatever you want.
What actually is quite exciting is that Cortana on the lock screen does not require you to unlock your device, and hence anyone will be able to access your data. If you do not want this, it is advisable that you immediately disable this particular feature. However, it is being expected that Microsoft will soon go on to add the ability to hide sensitive information from Cortana on the lock screen.
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