Cortana Skills Kit Launched At Build 2017

This news talks about the launch of Cortana Skills Kit at Build 2017.

To allow developers to create voice apps for the intelligent assistant, Microsoft announced a public preview of its Cortana Skills Kit  at Build 2017, Microsoft’s annual developer conference.
Using Actions on Google and the Alexa Skills Kit, third-party developers have already made hundreds of Google Assistant actions and more than 10,000 Alexa skills. It is also stated that Cortana will be put into more devices and to put this into action, it will work with HP and Intel.
With the release of Windows 10 in July 2015, Cortana was first made available for personal computers. By using Cortana Skills Kit and by using a Microsoft Bot Framework conversion in the same simple one-click way, developers will be able to create Cortana skills.
Cortana SDK is still in private preview and it is anticipated that An SDK would bring Cortana to a range of devices beyond smart speakers or those made by Microsoft. Except for Apple, virtually every tech giant is currently inviting developers to make third-party voice apps for their intelligent assistant or smart speaker.