Couchbase Now Supports .NET Core

Couchbase recently announced the new release of .NET 2.4.0 SDK. The SDK is the official GA release for .NET Core support for the Couchbase .NET SDK.

One of the most significant features of 2.4.0 is .NET Core support.

.NET Core is the open-source version of Microsoft’s .NET Framework that supports all Mac, Windows, and Linux platforms.

Some key upgrades in this version:

  • Packaging will now contain both .NET Framework and .NET Core 1.1 binaries
  • Common.Logging replaced with MS Logging for Core
  • Datastructures are a new way of working with Couchbase documents such as lists, queues, dictionaries or sets.
  • Introduced a better IO model call Multiplexing IO or MUX-IO, which the client could be configured to use (the default was pooled connections).
  • Streaming N1QL and Views are a performance optimization in certain cases where the amount of data retrieved is large.


You may learn more details about these features here:


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