Create Your Own Game With Project Spark

Irked with the unvarying games, need a perfect game, with Microsoft’s Project Spark, you can do this. Project Spark was introduced at E3 back in June, but on Tuesday Microsoft debuts the beta version of Project Spark for Windows 8.1 and everyone is invited to join.

Project Spark allows developers to generate their own contents, the great way to inspire creativity of users. Project Spark is a fusion between a video game and a video game maker. It's the successor to Microsoft's Kodu, which was also a game maker for Windows. Right now, the beta version for Windows 8.1 is in the Microsoft Store and slowly showing up in different markets around the globe.

Those who not running Windows 8.1 on their desktop the beta will be available for Xbox One owners early next year, and the beta for both platforms will continue up until the game launches next year. Game creation is not a new concept, but Spark is different in its approach as well as making things easy for users.

The website of Project Spark doesn’t provide great information at the moment, besides a video showing off the game creation tool. Grab the Spark beta app from the Windows Store, but if you don’t have a beta key yet you might have to wait a little while to use it and it’s not going to be presented in all regions immediately.