Dart 2.10 Is Out

Dart 2.10 brings a new, unified dart tool for all core tasks; and an update on null safety timelines and migration principles.

Recently, the Dart team announced the latest release of Dart, version 2.10, which brings a new, unified Dart developer tool for all your developer needs.
The new unified Dart developer tool offers you a single platform for creating projects, analyzing and formatting code, running tests, compiling apps, and other developer needs.
Dart 2.10 also features an update on the null safety roadmap and timelines.
The new unified dart developer tool is very similar to the flutter tool. To use the tool you just need to run the dart command:
Source: Dartlang
Well, Flutter includes this new Dart tool in the Flutter SDK. Now, Flutter 1.22 SDK, the <flutter-sdk>/bin directory contains both flutter and dart commands. So, if you need both Flutter and general-purpose Dart development, you get both developer experiences from a single Flutter SDK, without needing to install anything else.
Over the coming stable releases, the team has plans to add more to this dart tool and gradually deprecate the smaller tools like dartdoc, dartfmt, dartanalyzer, etc. The team also expects to ship Dart SDKs that contain only the single dart tool, next year.
The Dart team said that Null safety is a fundamental change to the Dart typing system. Null safety changes the basics of variable declarations because now variables are non-nullable by default. The team also shared their guiding principles for null safety migration.

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