Data Proves That People Who Enjoy Games Have Upgraded TO iOS 9

According to the analytics company DeltaDNA, more than half the people using iPhone have upgraded it to the latest version of the operating system. The data company has tracked around 20 million iPhones, and it claims that iOS 9 have been upgraded faster than the iOS 8. This proves that people do not care about bugs and performance issues, and this is true in case of people who spend money on purchasing games.
According to the analysis, it has been noticed that the rate of non-players is the main reason for the disparity, as their phones are still running on older version of iOS. Three of five iPhone users owns iPhone 6, where it is true in the case of 41% of non- players.
It has also been noticed that the older the phone model, the less likely that people will upgrade their phone’s software. According to DeltaDNA only 22% people using iPhone 4 have upgraded the software to iOS 9.
People, who spend money on their apps, are more likely to spend money on hardware. It has been noticed that people who support and enjoy the game are the most active purchasers. Hence, they upgrade the software as they want all their apps to work properly without any kind of issues.

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