December Updates Of HDInsight Tools For IntelliJ And Eclipse Announced

Microsoft announces December updates of HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ and Eclipse. The HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ and Eclipse serve the open source community and the company states that it will be of interest to HDInsight Spark developers.
This will run smoothly on Linux, Mac, and Windows. The current release mainly focuses on the users’ feedback so as to ensure a smooth user experience on project creation and submission. This release has also gone on to cover some new features which include Spark 2.0 support, local run, and a refined Job View and Job Graph.
Support Spark 2.0
The HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ & Eclipse are now completely compatible to Spark 2.0. It allows you to enjoy all the amazing features from Spark 2.0 including API usability, SQL 2003 support, performance improvements, structured streaming, R UDF support, as well as operational improvements.
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For more information, check the official blog.

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