Deepfake Detection Challenge By FaceBook

In order to encourage the industry to build new ways of identifying and preventing media manipulated via AI, Facebook has brought Deepfake Detection Challenge.

Recently, Facebook announced a Deepfake Detection Challenge (DFDC), which the company says, will inspire more research into creating better open-source tools and a benchmark for detecting 'deepfakes'.
Here, Deepfakes are those techniques that present realistic AI-generated videos of real people doing and saying fictional things. Deepfake techniques have significant implications for determining the legitimacy of information presented online.
Source: Facebook 
Facebook said that it wants to catalyze more research and development around Deepfake and ensure that there are better open source tools to detect fakes.
Mike Schroepfer, CTO for Facebook said:
"The goal of the challenge is to produce technology that everyone can use to better detect when AI has been used to alter a video in order to mislead the viewer"
DFDC includes a data set and leaderboard. The challenge has grants and awards as well, to encourage the industry to build new ways of distinguishing and preventing media manipulated via AI from being used to trick others.
To learn more, visit the official announcement here.