Dell Announces New Stunning XPS 13

Yesterday, at CES, Dell announced the new stunning XPS 13 laptop that is smaller and lighter compared to its predecessor. The laptop also promises a 2x performance over the original XPS 13.


In an 11-inch frame, 3.4mm thinner and 2.67lbs in weight, the new XPS 13 is powered by Windows 10 and Intel 8th Generation Quad Core processor and comes with a SSDs up to 1TB.

The laptop is already available to sell globally on Dell and Microsoft websites starting at $999.99.

Here is a list of some of the key features of XPS 13.


  • 3.4mm thinner
  • 2.67 pounds weight
  • 2.5 million more pixels with 4K Ultra HD compared to the previous QHD+
  • Up to 19 hours of battery life on FHD, and up to 11 on UHD
  • New rose gold aluminum shell with an alpine white woven glass fiber that’s stain-resistant and stays cool
  • GORE Thermal Insulation: A thin, flexible material that directs heat out of the device, keeping your system cool while it works hard



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