Dell New XPS 13 Developer Edition Linux Based Laptop Launched

On the laptop side, Dell is well known for its Windows devices, however, it might be known to some of you that it also offers some killer Linux-based alternatives for prosumers. This started four years ago with Project Sputnik, which led to the release of the first-gen XPS 13 Developer Edition, a Ubuntu-flavored version of the popular ultrabook in 2012.
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Today, Project Sputnik is more than the effort of one device, as Dell has expanded the reach of the program which includes some of its professional-grade laptops. Now the company has stepped it up a notch by introducing the Intel Skylake refresh of XPS 13 Developer Edition, making the Ubuntu-toting Precision laptops available across the globe.
The company states,
“Today I am excited to announce the worldwide launch of the Precision line of Ubuntu-based workstations along with the US launch of the 5th generation of the XPS 13 developer edition.”
According to Dell’s Community blog, the company says,
“Well, that corner was turned today. The 5th generation of the XPS 13 developer edition is now available in the U.S. We are starting out with three i7 configurations – including a much-asked-for 16GB version – and plan to add an i5 option.
And while the date for global availability of the XPS 13 is still to be announced, worldwide Precision 5510, 3510, 7510 and 7710 mobile workstations now all come in Ubuntu flavors.
This means our complete Precision mobile workstation portfolio is now available globally with Linux pre-loaded. To get to the Ubuntu option, click on the “Customize & Buy” button on the system you wish to purchase, then select Ubuntu Linux in the operating system section.”
If you are not entirely familiar with LTS, it is a branch of Ubuntu, which Canonical has supported for five years since its release. In contrast, the standard version of the operating system is definitely going to receive updates for at least nine months. LTS is therefore a better option for Project Sputnik devices, as such laptops are aimed at professionals who are looking for reliability over cutting-edge software features.
Barton George states,
“Thanks to your support the XPS 13 developer edition has gone from one, to multiple configs. On the higher end, in response to the continued interest in a larger system, OS architect Jared Dominguez spent a bunch of late nights putting together instructions on how to get Ubuntu running on the Precision M3800. From here interest kept mounting and a year later the Ubuntu-based M3800 became an official product.”
George inform us that Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (codenamed Xenial Xerus) would be release to the public in April, however there is not a date available for the factory installation, although support has been planned. All those who wish to upgrade are advised to follow the instructions which have been provided here. Among the changes which Ubuntu 16.04 LTS brings are Linux 4.4, Python 3.5 and Golang 1.6.
The new XPS 13 Developer Edition is now available for purchase in US, and the Canadian and European availability will soon be launched. Prices start at $1,549 for a sixth-generation Core i7-6560U version with 8 GB of RAM, a 256 GB SSD and the QHD+ InfinityEdge display.

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