Devart Data Comparison Tool for Oracle Goes Beyond Basics

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, v2.0 is the easy-to-use database tool for high speed and adjustable comparison that is designed to replace hours of manual work in command-line with minutes in convenient wizards. It puts the people first, reducing slightest misunderstanding and preventing possible complexities.

dbForge Data Compare, v2.0 Technical Advancements

Detailed research and testing results along with close collaboration with people who use the tool to synchronize data in Oracle databases have driven important advancements in new version of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle:

  • Views and materialized views comparison

    In addition to table data, users can compare data in views and materialized views.

  • Comparing data with different structures

    Users often need to compare tables with different structures and columns with different data types. dbForge Data Compare delivers good capabilities to do such comparisons. This brings great relief and confidence for database professionals who have to keep their databases updated in a modern fast-paced environment.

  • Comparing multiple schemas at once

    Users can select either one or several schemas for comparison. dbForge Data Compare provides a filter to quickly find required schemas in the list.

  • Command line support for familiar routines and automated tasks

    It provides a streamlined experience for database professionals who are accustomed to command line.

  • Focusing on large object data types

    The new version implements powerful mechanisms to let users quickly synchronize data in LOB, BFILE and XML_TYPE columns.

  • WHERE filter for data filtering

    Applying the WHERE filter, users can quickly select only necessary data records to compare. This feature is vital when comparing tables or views with a huge number of data records.

  • Generating data comparison reports

    The tool delivers makes a great contribution into a routine statistics process. After comparison, users can save and publish differences between in clear and smart-looking reports. These reports are a simple way of tracking data changes.

  • Bi-directional data synchronization

    It takes only one click to change a synchronization direction. Users do not have to recompare databases to synchronize both of them.

  • Direct connection

    dbForge Data Compare offers can work without an Oracle client, so client incompatibilities are never expected.

  • Comparison and synchronization suited to a tee

    With a solid selection of auto-mapping, comparison and display options, users have freedom to adjust comparison, making it perfect for each particular case and task. During synchronization, the tool also provides useful option, so that the desired result is guaranteed as well as much time saved on data analysis.

  • Rollback synchronization on an error

    A transaction approach, used by dbForge Data Compare, ensures the integrity of databases in case any error occurs during synchronization. This makes each data synchronization safe and predictable.

  • Affordable solution with professional capabilities

    Product editions reflect the company's long-term goal to make the power of database management accessible to a broader circle of database developers, administrators, and users.

Product Editions

dbForge Data Compare for Oracle, v2.0 is available in two product editions: Express and Standard.

The Express edition is completely free software that provides basic functionality to compare and synchronize data in Oracle databases, however widely enhanced to bring a better experience while doing simple data comparison and synchronization tasks.

The Standard edition allows handling any comparison tasks and automatically synchronizes data in such cases where the free edition requires the user's assistance. The tool is great with any specific things that require much experience during synchronization, for example, dependent tables or LOB data.

Price and Availability

The FREE Express edition of dbForge Data Compare for Oracle is available for download at

The Standard edition is available at for a price as little as $149.95

For more information about Database Tools for Oracle, visit the product pages at .

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