Developer Preview of Google Assistant SDK Released

The silent war among the AI Assistants manufacturers continues to be very tough these days. All the companies are introducing one feature after another to prove their product is the best. In this row, Google has launched the Google Assistant SDK using which developers can run the intelligent Google Assistant on their own hardware.

In the official blog, the company states,

“Today, we're taking another step towards building out that ecosystem by introducing the developer preview of the Google Assistant SDK. With this SDK you can now start building your own hardware prototypes that include the Google Assistant, like a self-built robot or a voice-enabled smart mirror. This allows you to interact with the Google Assistant from any platform."

The SDK uses Python coded client for authentication, a gRPC API for interaction, and documentation along with solid examples of how to get started with it. Google says that the prototyping of Google Assistant is ideal for Raspberry Pi but it can support many other platforms too.

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Google Assistant SDK is in Developer Preview for now, and it gives developers the capability of creating their own customized voice commands on which a device will respond. Basically, it empowers the consumer goods manufacturers to launch their own versions of devices that are Google Assistant enabled.

As described by Google,

“This is a developer preview and we have a number of features in development including hotword support, companion app integration and more. If you're interested in building a commercial product with the Google Assistant, we encourage you to reach out and contact us.”

To let the developers learn about getting started with this SDK, the company has given the link of a GitHub Mocktails Mixer project. To learn more about Google Assistant SDK, you can visit the official SDK webpage or the mocktails mixer project


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