Display Excel documents on the HTML or ASP.NET page

Today people are often faced with the need to create, store and edit different tables. It can be a variety of catalogues, lists of books, price lists, school schedules, etc. One of the most popular formats for storing such data are Excel files XLS and XLSX. Sometimes web developers needs to bring this information to the web page or convert Excel to HTML format. This problem can be solved very easily using the new version of the Excel to HTML converter represented by Elerium Software. Elerium Excel to HTML .NET 1.6 enables high accuracy in the output documents due to the completely redesigned conversion engine and extended language support.

The main changes:

- A completely redesigned conversion engine.
- Added Arabic text support.
- Added right to left direction support.
- Fixed some bugs at images conversion.
- Fixed issue of column widths.
- Fixed some minor bugs.

The Elerium Excel to HTML .NET allows to convert Excel to HTML format and display it on the page using only a few lines of code. For more information about the component please visit the product page:

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