Docker Enterprise Edition Announced

Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) has been announced with a new version of the Docker platform optimized for business-critical deployments.
The Docker Enterprise Edition (EE) is supported by Docker.Inc and it is available on certified operating systems and cloud providers; and it also runs certified Containers and Plugins from Docker Store.
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The Docker is now available with three tiers – Basic, Standard, and Advanced.
  • Basic comes with the Docker platform, support and certification.
  • Standard and Advanced tiers add advanced container management (Docker Datacenter) and Docker Security Scanning.
The company is also renaming the free Docker products to Docker Community Edition (CE) and at the same time, it will go on to adopt new lifecycle and time-based version scheme for both Docker EE and CE.
Docker CE and EE 17.03 release is now the first to use the new scheme.
You can download Docker CE or buy Docker EE, from here.
For more information, check the official blog.