Does Microsoft Surface Has A Cloudy Future

Is Microsoft Surface in trouble?


Since Satya has taken the reigns of Microsoft, his strategy has focused on mobile and the cloud and it seems that some of those clouds may be hovering around Microsoft’s Surface product.

Microsoft launched its home grown tablet in 2012 and since then it has lost fortunes. An interesting article published by Gregg Keizer on the ComputerWorld website talks about how much money the Microsoft’s Surface business has lost since it was introduced to the market.

Gregg published in his article based on the data collected from Microsoft’s filling with SEC on July 22, the Surface posted revenue of $409 million for the quarter ended June 30. The expected cost of Surface for the June quarter was $772 million, mentioned in the article. That puts Surface loss to be $363 for the quarter.

Keizer writes the estimated amount Microsoft has lost in Surface venture is close to $1.73 billion.

Some analysts have already started talking and with the new shift in the Microsoft leadership, it is possible that Microsoft may not continue the product for more losses and shuts down the Surface venture once for all.

Now, we must wonder if this is the right time to buy Surface Pro 3 .