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The first update to Visual Studio Code has been released with the first of a set of regular updates. The team is targeting a new release each month and added a new Updates section to the website. Users can update to the new version of Code and review the update summary.
As an initial step they have over 300 improvements and bug-fixes. They have not used an auto-update mechanism since they’re asking users to re-install code, but the plan is to use the auto-update channel for Mac OS X and Windows in the future.
In the update, they have modified several key bindings based on feedback of this update for existing Code users. The users can also customize the keyboard shortcuts in the way they like.
Sean McBreen, Visual Studio Code Team Member, wrote:
Finally, I want to thank our insiders for the feedback on our pre-release – the update is better because of you. We sent out the update to our insider’s late last week, if you want to join our insiders so that we include you in early builds it’s easy enough to do – go over and complete this short survey.
Here are some of the important updates.

Finally keybinding changes have been done on the basis of users' feedback. Users can customize the key bindings, if they did not like the changes.
Command line args

New files can be created from the command line. Append the file path to create a file if it doesn’t exist. Now multiple folders and/or files can be opened from the command line. Instead of restoring the previous session, a new session can also be started.

Some multi-cursor improvements have been made such as move the last added cursor to the next occurrence of the current selection using Ctrl+K Ctrl+D, undo the last cursor action using Ctrl+U, and others.

For indentation, pressing tab on an empty line will work now. It will indent to place the cursor at the correct starting position.

There has been an update of TypeScript language to TypeScript version 1.5.
File Comparison

File Compare will now apply to files in Working Files.
Files: Compare Opened File With, a new global action is added to the command palatte.

A new supported language Rust has been added for colorization and bracket matching.
For other updates such as File encoding, changes in debugging, copying path of any file or folder in the Explorer with an ease visit the official update.

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