Dropbox Introduces AdminX

Dropbox, the cloud storage company, is adding more features which will add to the profitable business market.
Dropbox introduces AdminX, which is a new dashboard specifically aimed at IT admin, in order to tailor and control  companies' and users' files on Dropbox Business accounts.
Image Source: dropbox.com
In addition to this, the company is planning to launch some more new services, which would go on to take it beyond the basic storage. Hence, it is planning to launch mobile device management really soon, as part of the AdminX console. This would allow the admin to use Dropbox in order to gain complete control of Dropbox-based files along with actual devices.
Dropbox in its official blog states,
“Last year, we kicked off an internal initiative called AdminX. Our goal: reimagine the IT admin experience for teams using Dropbox. We’re making this happen by taking the same “user-first” design approach that’s helped us grow to half a billion registered users, and applying it to our admin tools. AdminX is all about empowering IT—to be champions for users, and to help them maintain security, control, and visibility—for collaboration at scale. We’re excited to introduce the first wave of AdminX tools today.”
Dropbox informs us that AdminX has been an internal initiative for almost a year now; and the premise is quite simple. In the meanwhile, admin tools had been on Dropbox Business since it has been launched, and it has not been used much. Hence, Dropbox has reimagined them with more intuition and a simpler interface.
Other features it comprises are file event logging, which allows admins to gain more visibility on what each individual is doing with the files.
Everett Plante, CIO and Vice President of Information Technology at Silicon Labs, states,
“Silicon Labs is focused on collaboration, and we are always looking for new ways to help our employees be more productive. In less than a month, the Dropbox team folder has already transformed the way we collaborate across geographies—internally and externally. We’re excited about the productivity savings that Dropbox Business will bring to our global workforce.”

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