Dundas Dashboard Targets Business Intelligence Technology Users By Providing A Platform For Rapid Dashboard Development & Deployment
Nov. 16, 2009 (Toronto) - After a highly successful beta run, Dundas Data Visualization today announced the premier release of Dundas Dashboard, an all-inclusive platform for the easy creation, delivery and integration of digital dashboard solutions.

"Customers who have signed up for our beta program have been impressed with its simplicity, especially all the drag-and-drop design functionality," said Ed Worsfold, Dundas's Marketing Director.  "With dashboard creation taking hours and not days, the beta version was showing how a substantial return on investment could be gained almost immediately."

Dundas Dashboard provides all the technology needed need to quickly create operational, tactical or strategic dashboards for business intelligence activities.  Some of the key benefits of this turnkey dashboard solution include:

  • The rapid development and deployment of interactive dashboards
  • A proven collaborative dashboard-creation process
  • The flexible integration and customization of dashboards
  • A rich designer and viewer experience from data to dashboard
  • The leveraging of the latest web technologies, using Silverlight 3.0 (offering powerful graphics, animation and interactive media)

"Anyone wishing to evaluate the product can do so by checking out our online demo and tutorials," Worsfold added, referring to www.dundas.com/dashboard/resources.  "In fact, our web site's resources page offers a complete collection of useful information related to Dundas Dashboard and dashboarding in general."

Dundas has been helping businesses understand their critical corporate data for many years.  As developers of industry-leading data visualization and BI technologies since 2002, the company created a full portfolio of award-winning dashboard components for a range of development technologies.  A few years later, Dundas Consulting was launched, a wholly owned subsidiary tasked with creating sophisticated digital dashboard solutions for clients.  Dundas Dashboard is a marriage of the company's component experience and dashboard design expertise.

Today's retail launch is available from www.dundas.com.

About Dundas Data Visualization

Founded in 1992, Dundas Data Visualization is a world leader in data visualization and dashboarding solutions.  The company's outstanding success is reflected in its numerous industry awards and in the rapid adoption of Dundas technologies by Fortune 500 companies around the world.  For more information, please visit www.dundas.com.

For more information, please contact:

Ed Worsfold
Director of Marketing
Dundas Data Visualization Ltd.
416-467-5100 x158
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