Early Build of Windows 10 Cloud Leaked

Microsoft has been working on its latest Cloud SKU for Windows 10, for quite some time now. As per the recent reports by numerous publications, Windows 10 Cloud will be a lightweight version of Windows, most probably for Microsoft’s Windows 10 on ARM plans.
An early version of Windows 10 Cloud has been leaked online and it provides us with an idea of what Microsoft is actually making at Redmond. An ISO of the Windows 10 Cloud build has quite recently been leaked by Twitter user @adguard and you can now go on to actually install it. However, we recommend against installing it on an actual machine.
Image Source: twitter.com 
As previously reported, the Windows 10 Cloud will only allow the users to run Universal Windows Platforms apps from Windows Store. When the users have tried installing Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code, which is a Win32 app and the Windows 10, Cloud exhibits an alert, which goes on to say that that the app that the user is trying to install has not been designed for this particular version of Windows. In addition to this, the dialog states that this particular version of the Windows 10 Cloud has been made to protect you as well as your device by exclusively running Windows Store apps, which once again confirms that the SKU will entice users to run the apps from Windows store.
However, it is quite interesting that you will now be able to actually download some of the Win32 apps from Windows store. Win32 apps are now available in Windows store via Microsoft’s Desktop app converter, which will allow the developers to bring their Win32 app to Windows Store. However, these apps are still being performed as Win32 apps behind the scenes. Hence, you will not be able to run the app which you download from the Windows store. However, there are possibilities that Microsoft will allow users to run the app in the near future. However, it seems that we will need to wait and watch until the official release of this new version of Windows 10.

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