Early Preview of Microsoft Bot Builder SDK 4.0 Available Now

Early Preview of Microsoft Bot Builder SDK 4.0 Available Now

Microsoft team just published the early preview of Bot Building SDK 4.x, that is for experimental purposes only at this time. Besides supporting .NET and .NET Core 2.0, the SDK now supports other popular programming languages including JavaScript, Python, and Java.

SDK 4.0 Preview: https://github.com/Microsoft/botbuilder-dotnet/wiki

To get started building your first Bot with the Bot Build SDK, start here:

Build a Bot using Bot Builder SDK

Microsoft Bot Builder is a powerful framework for constructing bots that can handle both freeform interactions and more guided ones where the possibilities are explicitly shown to the user. It is easy to use and leverages C# to provide a natural way to write Bots.

High Level Features:

  • Powerful dialog system with dialogs that are isolated and composable.
  • Built-in dialogs for simple things like Yes/No, strings, numbers, enumerations.
  • Built-in dialogs that utilize powerful AI frameworks like LUIS
  • Bots are stateless which helps them scale.
  • Form Flow for automatically generating a Bot from a C# class for filling in the class and that supports help, navigation, clarification and confirmation.

Get started with Bot Builder SDK for .NET here >